Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 $XIAN

Fair Launch: XIANZAI ($XIAN) is committed to a fair and transparent launch to ensure equitable distribution among community members. There will be no pre-sale, private sale, or allocation to team members before the public launch. The token will be available for purchase by anyone interested in participating, promoting a level playing field for all investors.

0% Tax on Buy and Sell Transactions: XIANZAI ($XIAN) operates with a 0% tax on both buying and selling transactions. This approach encourages frictionless trading and enables investors to fully benefit from their trades.

Renounced Contract: The contract ownership of XIANZAI ($XIAN) will be renounced immediately upon launch. This action makes the smart contract immutable and ensures that no further changes can be made to it by the original deployer or any other entity.

Locked Liquidity Pool (LP): 100% of the initial token supply will be allocated to the LP and subsequently locked. This measure enhances stability and prevents potential liquidity manipulation, providing investors with confidence in the token's liquidity.

Transparency and Audit: XIANZAI ($XIAN) is committed to regular audits of its smart contract code to ensure its security and integrity. These audits will be conducted by reputable third-party auditing firms, and the results will be made available to the community.

Community Governance: As the XIANZAI ($XIAN) ecosystem grows, the community's voice will play a pivotal role in decision-making processes. A governance model will be implemented, allowing token holders to propose and vote on important matters related to the project's development.

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